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Supporting user-based insurance solutions with automotive integration and behavioural insights. 

365driveX empowers the mobility sector and its users by better supporting safe driving options through the use of technology.

AUTOMOTIVE Intelligence 

Gain access to new sources of analytical insights.

Auto Insurer Groups, Financial Services Organisations, Fleet Management Operations, Vehicle Manufacturers and Rideshare platforms operating in the mobility sector can now benefit from a new user-based insurance (UBI) model.

Here’s how we can help

driver Behaviour

Move from risk accumulation to risk prevention with the latest in observation data on driver behaviours and vehicle usage

Roadside Assistance

Our Roadside Assistance program and assistance solutions are the pathway to total connectivity between your business and drivers

Customer Journey Mapping

To help deliver informative decisions for both your business and your customers, journey mapping is a powerful tool

Claims guidance

24/7 Client Care Provides Support Including Accident Assist.

For complete end-to-end solutions, first notification of loss has been added to support our partners. Take away the stress and tension for your drivers when they’ve been in an accident.


Learn more about how we can help you build a targeted program for your customer base.

365driveX offers industry partners a single solution package that supports all their UBI needs.

365drivex app

Initiating safer journeys for everyone.

We’re protecting people and assets in the mobile workplace. 365driveX places peace of mind at your fingertips. Download the Roadsafe 365driveX app today for complete roadside assurance. We service 3rd parties and it may be a requirement with your product or service provider to download this app, always seek advice from your provider.