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Frequently Asked Questions

For Insurance groups, Financial Services Companies, Fleets Managers, Rideshare Operators and Vehicle Manufacturers

What data do you capture?

You don’t need to worry about 365drivex watching your customers every move, as we only capture the driving analytics from the mobile phones geo-location. We capture event integration: 

  • Event location as recorded by geo location 
  • Latitude for the co-ordinates 
  • Longitude for the co-ordinates 
  • Timestamp when the co-ordinates are recorded. 
  • Start timestamp if a trip is detected/selected and being recorded 
  • End timestamp if a trip is detected/selected and being recorded 
  • A Unique Trip ID(UUID) to record the trip when a trip is detected/selected 

To help support the apps products and service offerings of Roadside Assistance, we limit the collection of information to what is essential for us to deliver these to the customer and our partners. User input information which is collected on our partners behalf is: 

Email addressIn order to receive information, updates and newsletters 
Customers full nameAs seen on their membership cover
Mobile phone For SMS notifications
Support requests or other formsFor contact via our various customer support channels 
Payment informationCredit card type, last four digits, expiration date; PayPal or other relevant account information; date of payment, currency, amount 

View our full privacy policy here

How does 365driveX help Insurance groups, Financial Services, Fleets, Rideshare Operators and Vehicle Manufacturers?

365driveX offers its partners a safety mobile application platform and built-in Roadside Assistance support services designed to assist the customers of Insurance Groups, Finance Groups and Fleets to help manage insurance portfolios. 
This type of user-based insurance (UBI) model accesses driver behaviour profiling insights and helps 365driveX partners reduce fraud, support faster claims resolution and risk management. 

What additional services does my business receive with 365driveX?

365drivex underpins a complete all-in one solution offering to its partners. In addition to the app solution, 365drivex is supported under contract with 365 Roadside Assistance and offers: 

  • Roadside Assistance Services 
  • Accident Management: first notification of loss 

What do we mean by that? 
It’s easy, we’ve added roadside assistance within the app so if a customer breaks down, within a few quick swipes they can have a specialist network provider out to them and back on the road with little downtime.  
If your customer has been in an accident, the app can also connect your customer to your claims department. With a simple IVR setup between mainframe call centre and our partners. 

What habits can 365driveX log for my business?

365driveX has developed a set of algorithms which provides data to help our partners turn this information into behavioural insights. Partners can use the data provided to develop their own scoring system. For example:

  • Time of drive (night, day. During school zone hours etc) 
  • Sudden braking  
  • Sudden acceleration 
  • Other habits that can affect rates include phone usage, driving in severe weather and driving in traffic

If you have particular insights you wish to receive to support your portfolio, we’re always up for a chat.

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About the 365driveX app

How does a customer activate location services on their phone?
  1. Go to the phone settings 
  2. Look for Privacy 
  3. Then look for Location Services 
  4. Toggle the switch on 
  5. Scroll down to the 365driveX App 
  6. Set allow location access to ‘Always’ 
Is customer data continuously being collected?

Once the vehicles Bluetooth has been activated with the app, the capturing and subsequent logging of telematics is intermittent with the geo location registered for the first 20 minutes of the application being opened. If the vehicle’s speed decreases to 40 kms or under the logging of data will cease, only recommencing once the speed log increases above 40 kms again. 

The capturing and logging will be for a specified limited period while the application is open. When closed, the app will not capture or log the vehicle activity.

Is an internet connection required to run the app?

No internet connection is required to run the app. The GPS data is stored on the device and once an internet connection is available the data will be transferred. 

Will the app drain my phone battery?

365driveX will have similar impact to a navigation app, or any other app that uses location services. 365driveX has been careful about when and how we use location services, particularly your phone’s GPS feature, and we’re continually optimising for better battery performance. Rest assured, most people won’t notice a significant battery difference after installing 365driveX.

Can I use 365driveX in multiple vehicles?

No, when a customer downloads 365driveX they will need to pair the vehicles Bluetooth to their mobile phone and sign up. The sign up process is attached to their vehicles’ membership policy. The policy covers them for the registered vehicle for roadside assistance and accident management.

How does a customer opt out of 365driveX if they no longer want to be part of the app anymore?

The 365driveX membership is active for 1 year from the date an insurance policy is purchased. If you cancel your insurance policy at any time, the Insurer will notify 365driveX within 7 days and the driver will no longer be required to use the app. The customer can then uninstall the app from their phone.

What happens if a customer uninstalls the app whilst the policy is still active?

Should the customer uninstall the app while a policy is still active, in the event of an incident and a claim is activated their excess and premium may increase. Please refer to the Insurers PDS.