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We’ve created a product to help improve driver training and awareness by bringing together one cohesive, connected solution.

365driveX creates new opportunities for businesses to reduce risk by using the vehicle insurance policy as a platform to grow the connected car ecosystem.


Gain access to new sources of analytical insights.

Our purpose built smartphone technology captures driving behaviour data and engages drivers more frequently with in-app notifications to help improve driver safety and insurance performance.

Unique sensor-agnostic capabilities unlock predictive intelligence. Receive real-time data from vehicle and driving insights filtered through our cloud-based 365driveX technology.

Keeping users engaged with meaningful mobile-first experiences in easy to follow video tutorials on recommended driving practices.

claims guidance

For complete end-to-end solutions, first notification of loss has been added to support our partners.

Take away the stress and tension for your drivers when they’ve been in an accident. 365driveX will direct them to the Claims team through a simple IVR set-up so they can feel assured by speaking with a specialist who understands the customer journey.

Claims Portal
The app transfers your customers policy details directly into the Claims Portal saving time and hassles.

SMS and emails are forwarded to customers as the vehicle progresses from stage to stage.

roadside assistance

Embed value into your product solution with Roadside Assistance.

Our Roadside Assistance program and assistance solutions are the pathway to total connectivity between your business and drivers when stranded on the road.

Tap. Log. Share.
Embedded into the 365driveX app, Roadside Assistance is a key feature in the connectivity cycle between yourself and your customers.

Simply by tapping on a few simple-to-use screens, drivers are instantly linked to a specialised support team at 365 Roadside Assistance and their National Network of Providers and Repairers 24/7.

Data Security

We ensure our data is secured with strict governance around Security, Identity, and Compliance.

Administering our data and cloud security are our dedicated and highly qualified Dev Ops team skilled in cloud computing. Our team not only helps keep your businesses automotive data collection secure, but also provides assurance that your customers will receive the highest privacy features when using our apps.


Our platform protects the data you’re receiving and accounts from unauthorised access.

Using data protection services, we provide encryption and key management tools for threat detection that continuously monitors and protects your automotive information.

Network and application protection services enable you to enforce detailed security policies. At the host, network, and application levels we’ll help you inspect and filter traffic to prevent unauthorised resource access on the various control points across your organisation.

Identity of key business personal using the app is of upmost importance. We securely manage identities, resources and permissions.


Creating a customer journey map.

Understand your drivers better
A framework helps you understand consumers’ behaviour and their preferences, allowing you to concept and design products that meet their needs.

Find the motivation behind the purchase
A compelling customer journey map will help you uncover the motivations behind your customers purchase and its subsequent use.

Document the different stages of the customers’ journey
By documenting the data of how your customers interact with the app, understand the different phases a customer goes through before making a purchase.

Address pain points to convert potential drivers
Attract and convert potential customers by addressing their pain points and helping them with better driver profiles.