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365 drivex is a safety driver behaviour, telematics capture and vehicle location logging application. The application supports products/policies for Financial services, Fleets and Vehicle manufactures/OEMS.  
The ‘logging’ functionality is used for GPS vehicle telematics carried out via a telematics filtering portal, which captures intermittent cycles of data including:

  • Monitoring the speed of the vehicle
  • Geographical location of the vehicle, as well as;
  • Location peripherals such as school zones

This data is relayed back to the drivex CRM. Safety messages are then communicated back to the driver to encourage safe driving practices.

The data that is captured and logged commences upon your agreement to the terms and conditions when you download the drivex app via google play or apple store.

The capturing and subsequent logging of telematics is intermittent with the geo location registered for the first 30 minutes of the application being opened. If the vehicle’s speed decreases to 40 kms or under the logging of data will cease, only recommencing once the speed log increases above 40 kms again.

The capturing and logging will be for a specified limited period while the application is open. When closed, the app will not capture or log your vehicle data.

         i) For IOS, if the app is left on through the App Switcher i.e. minimised to go to another app, the drivex app still functions normally including logging of location and/or sending of notifications. If the user no longer needs to log their drive, the app must be closed completely on the App Switcher by swiping up. The app will then cease logging the vehicles location and/or sending of notifications.

         ii) In some instances, there will be reminders about location usage from the iOS. These are third party notifications from iOS. See example on the section ‘Give apps permission to use your location’ on – and follow apples support to rectify.

The purpose for which drivex may use and disclose captured records will be provided to your current Insurer as stipulated on your Insurance PDS. You will be required to accept these terms and conditions and will then be provided with the  links to download the drivex Mobile App. You will also be asked to accept the drivex privacy and terms and conditions upon downloading the Mobile App.

 Supporting Validity 

  • drivex is a business to business supporting tool that supports financial services policies and products. drivex requires a supporting product to be in place prior to being downloaded and will not support direct, non-related clients whom download and wish to use this product.
  • drivex provides support Australia-wide (unless specifically applicable in countries and locations under contract). Your access is valid for the vehicle which you nominate to us (via the business or financial services or OEM partner with whom your relationship stems from) only.
  • Cover applies to the vehicle being driven and not the person.
  • drivex requires all members to be living in and permanent residents of Australia, (unless an agreement is in place for other regions globally).
  • drivex membership covers your selected vehicle for location services and roadside assistance for 12 months and the cover is for the vehicle only that you declare to your Introducing business (Fleet, Insurance Company, Financier or OEM).
  • Roadside Assistance services and benefits become effective two working days (48 hours) after receipt of payment and having downloaded the drivex Mobile App.
  • You must remain with your vehicle after requesting a Roadside Assistance service. If you are not in attendance with your vehicle at the time the service provider arrives, the service cannot be supplied. Further call-outs related to the same breakdown will be considered as a separate call-out and will be at the members expense. It is a condition that when the provider arrives to assist the member, the member must be present.
  • drivex reserves the right to withdraw or withhold services in the event a member is violent, abusive, intentionally seeks to harm our contractors and service providers attempting to receive service by deception.
  • If you change your vehicle registration number you must advise us within 7 days at
  • If you sell your vehicle you must provide us the new members details via email within 7 days of the sale of the vehicle. Otherwise the membership will automatically lapse. Please notify us at or contact directly your OEM, Insurers or Fleet manager.
  • You must be a private or commercial vehicle owner/driver only and not a Taxi, Hire Car, Rental Car.

To understand how we log and capture user information view our privacy policy >
Under contractual terms, drivex have engaged the services of a Roadside Assistance (RSA) Provider to fulfil the needs of RSA services. This Service provider is 365 Assistance Pty Ltd ABN (59160 076 200) trading as 365 Roadside Assistance