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365driveX offers industry partners a single solution package that supports all their UBI needs.

Software build, secure data warehousing, data analytics, driver portals, roadside assistance support and rewards programs.

AUTOMOTIVE manufacturers

Leading the support of data capture and integration.

Utilise and commercialise connected car data. Obtain consumer insights. Create new revenue streams from delivery of driving data into the insurance and roadside assistance market.

Our solutions deliver agility and scalability and works in large scale environments. Manufacturers can use vehicle connectivity for vehicle sales, marketing, servicing and aftermarket sales.

365driveX can be embedded into your apps as well as standalone. Integration, retrofit or use our solutions in the evolving connected car market.


A multitude of new mobility eco-systems taking entering the auto industry.

Since the launch of Uber, the practice of ridesharing has had a significant impact on the auto insurance market, blurring the distinction between personal and commercial lines coverage. The exponential growth of this on-demand service has created a new type of exposure—one that carriers and users need to address in order to meet the insurance needs of their customers.

With thousands of rideshare vehicles on our roads today, 365driveX empowers rideshare platforms by providing drivers with various safe driving options aimed at decreasing insurance liability.


A centralised overview for fleet management.

365driveX allows fleet managers to take a more customer centric approach by identifying irregularities and providing safer driver feedback through in app messaging and videos, thus improving the driver behaviour.

Every crash, minor or major, causes a decrease in the residual value of the vehicle. Improved driving behaviours not only reduces the number and severity of the crashes, but also increases the residual value of your fleet vehicles.

Real-time and backwards compatible reports provide a means to know where the vehicle was and also the magnitude of the impact.

Improving driver behaviours cause a decrease in the loss ratios for insurers, leading to better premiums courtesy of the improved average score of your fleet.

finance groups

Optimise your customer’s finance contract.

The data from 365driveX allows your customer to provide an up-to-date record of the odometer reading in an automated process.

Identify risks and threats to your portfolio in real time and make the necessary adjustments to protect your business. Support your portfolio’s performance, get insights and identify risks.

Increase your profitability through improved operational and supply chain efficiencies.

insurance groups

We provide insights that allow you to better understand and identify risks.

This is done through the analysis of how your customers behave behind the wheel, whilst simultaneously limiting their exposure to risks through loss prevention techniques.

Insurers can now:

Offer more competitive premiums for lower-risk drivers Linking insurance premiums to the individual vehicle and driver, allows greater flexibility in premium pricing.

Offer your Customers a sense of security Incentivise loyal customers by offering reduced premiums when they adopt safer driving habits.

Estimation of damages made simpler
The use of data helps insurers accurately estimate vehicle damage and reduce fraud arising from an accident.